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Rock Climbing
  • Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

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Author: Dariusz Kwasny 
Scope: PDF 40 pages, ePUB 30 pages 
Language: English 
Published: 1st edition September 2018 
Publisher: Ebozon Publishing

ISBN 978-3-95963-516-5 (PDF) 
ISBN 978-3-95963-514-1 (ePUB) 
ISBN 978-3-95963-515-8 (Mobipocket)

eBook format: PDF PDF ePUB ePUB mobipocket/Kindle Mobipocket








Rock climbing is a very healthy and challenging physical activity. In this activity climbers climb up the natural or artificial rocks and try to reach the end point through a pre decided route without falling.

There is great variety of rocks in all over the world and to complete all these difficult routes climbing equipments play a significant role.

History of rock climbing began in 1880 in the Lake District and Wales in the Great Britain. Walter Parry Haskett Smith was first solo climber in 1880. In 1887 George Winkler began sport of rock climbing.

Every country has developed its own style of climbing depending on its geographical and weather conditions.

It is not only considered as mountaineering but it is also a well groomed sport.

Rock climbing is very good for mind and body and it measures climbers strength, ability, balance and mental control. It builds muscles, boost heart beat and make body flexible. It also burns calories.

It also develops the qualities of facing challenges, trust, teamwork and to fight with problems.

Some major types of rock climbing are free soloing, free climbing, aid climbing, bouldering and deep water soloing.

There are many famous rock climbers in the world like Chris Sharma, Steph Devis, Catherine Destivelle, Dean Potter and Alex Honnold.

Some basic climbing equipments are rope, cord and webbing, carabiners,  quickdraws, harnesses, belay device, rappel device, ascenders and sling.



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Leseprobe Rock Climbing

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