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Black Belt Web Marketing

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Author: EMP
Scope: 371 pages
Language: English

eBook Format: PDF PDF








Self-Learning Guide and Planning Manual

Learn by doing, active involvement. That’s the uniqueness of “ Black Belt Web Marketing “. After completing the exercises in each lesson, you will have a thorough understand of how to dramatically increase web traffic and a comprehensive, well organized Web Marketing Plan for doing so. It seems hard to believe that within only a week or two, you could possess the knowledge, resources, and have a comprehensive plan for dramatically improving traffic to a web site, any web site. That’s what makes our planning guide, Black Belt Web Marketing, so unique. Conceptually, it is a combination tutorial and planning aid. Easy-to-complete exercises teach you what you need to know to master proven methods for increasing Web traffic. While learning how to promote a Web site, you are actually developing a traffic plan. We’re not referring to a static textbook where you are required to extract bits of information from long-winded, rambling passages, much of which doesn’t apply to your situation. Instead, Black Belt Web Marketing is an interactive tool that assists you in immediately applying what is being learned. The lessons in our planning guide correspond to proven methods for increasing traffic. Each lesson consists of exercises. The exercises help you master the material and plan how you can use the method to increase visitors to your site. One exercise might be a worksheet to complete. Another is a set of guidelines to follow. Another is a report for summarizing and monitoring your activities. You will learn how to generate Web traffic from numerous sources. By the time you have fully implemented your Black Belt Web Marketing Plan your site will be receiving visitors from dozens of sources. When you are done completing and implementing your own Black Belt Web Marketing Plan as a result of having gone through the planning guide, you will become a "Web Marketing Specialist". This simply means that you have the skills and know-how to use all of the Internet’s resources to dramatically increase Web traffic. It means that you have the ability to turn a seldom-noticed site into a popular hub of Web activity.

Autor: EMP



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