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A Guide to Memory Increase

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Author: Rocco Oppedisano
Scope: 98 pages
Language: English

eBook Format: PDF PDF








According to the German writer Georg Lichtenberg

Rocco Oppedisano has researched Physical and Mental Health for seventeen years, travelling to North America, Europe, Middle East and other countries in search of more knowledge in the understanding of Physical and Mental Health. Rocco in 1982 formulated a Health Food Range of Athletic and Naturopathics Supplement Formulas under the name Life Elixir Naturopathics. These are sold nationally, Singapore, Hong Kong and other parts of Asia. Due to it's great success Australian Company Bio Organics wanted the company and bought if from Rocco in 1987, then in 1988 Natural Health Products Pty. Ltd. bought Bio Organics and are now also the owners of Life Elixir Naturopathics. Rocco published 34 issues of Australia's first Muscle Magazine called Muscle Australia 1979 to 1987, featuring mostly P.B.B.I. contests and Muscle Men and Women enjoying international publicity as the magazine was sold in U.S.A., England, France, Italy, New Zealand and Asia. Rocco founded the first professional bodybuilding organisation in Australia — Pacific Body Building International (P.B.B.I.) from 1979 to 1988 and has promoted over 90 body building contests with a total of over 2000 muscle men and women who have competed under the P.B.B.I. flag in Victoria, N.S.W., S.A. and New Zealand. Rocco has published over 30 books on weight training, muscle growth, physical and mental health. Rocco Oppedisano has been training seventeen years as a professional bodybuilder and is one of the founding fathers of bodybuilding in Australia. He has won almost every title possible: Mr. Australia 1976, Mr. Australasia 1979 Class 1, Australia's Most Muscular Man 1976,1979 and 1980, New York's Most Muscular Man 1978 and Mr. South Eastern Australia 1981. Rocco Oppedisano has the reputation of building the most men and women bodybuilding champions in the history of Australia and also was owner of the legendary Muscle Australia Gym. That won the reputation of building the most muscle stars in the history of Australia from 1982 to 1988. Rocco still holds the record for winning Mr. Australia in the shortest amount of time in 21 months of total training at only 21 years old. Note: Rocco's P.B.B.I. contests, Muscle Australia Magazine and Muscle Australia Gym collapsed due to Rocco's personal bankruptcy and being caught in the 1987 October share market crash. But after 3 years of absence Rocco made a comeback in 1990.

Autor: Rocco Oppedisano



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